Over the last decade, the blogs have mentioned many app startups that have seemingly popped up out of nothing and sold for billions a month later. After reading about such a large amount of app acquisitions, building a successful app startup almost seems… well, easy. Since the media doesn’t always mention what number of obstacles these entrepreneurs and app developers have faced, we are given a false perception of what it takes to create a top-quality mobile app and build a profitable business around it.

How hard is it to create an app? There are multiple levels to the present answer. On one hand, it’s not hard in any respect – a spread of software will allow you to launch an app in a very matter of minutes if you’re building an app solely for the sake of getting an app.

Now if the question is, how hard is it for an app entrepreneur to own an app built; well, that takes on a special meaning. Difficulty depends on many factors including budget, experience, and therefore the competency of their developers. The amount of difficulty can range from relatively easy to extremely difficult.

These are still very different questions – how hard is it to create a successful app startup (like Uber or Instagram)? Fortunately, if you recognize what you’re doing, you’ll be able to substantially improve the percentages. during this post, we’ll offer you the cold hard scoop on what it takes to make a true app startup and eventually answer the question – how hard is it to create an app?

Building an App vs an App Startup

Building an app vs building an app startup
By definition, building an app isn’t an identical thing to building an app startup. simply because you build a good app, doesn’t mean that it’ll achieve success – it doesn’t even mean that one user will ever use it. only for clarification:

  • Building an app refers to the technical side of making an app. It involves processes like wireframing, app design, and programming. A ‘great app’ refers to merchandise that’s technically sound and functions with little to no error.
  • If an app refers to the merchandise, the app startup is the entity that brings that product to the buyer and monetizes it. A ‘great app startup’ refers to a business that’s ready to successfully introduce the application to the audience, persuade them to download the application, and convert them into long-term users.
  • For example, a storage facility chain may build an app to higher manage their units, but they aren’t looking to create an app startup. However, an app startup introducing a mobile auction platform will build the software so as to own a product to push.

For an entrepreneur with no development experience, building a primary version mobile app is often quite difficult. However, building the app itself is barely the tip of the iceberg of what it takes to make a successful app startup.