Typically, someone will conceive to downloading an app in exactly some seconds. At the identical time, the big volume of apps available intensifies competition for user attention. So, in today’s saturated market, what does it concede to develop a successful mobile app?

Improper Testing
While it’s rare that an app goes to be launched without minor bugs, ensuring you invest in QA before shipping can ensure there aren’t any major issues. If an app isn’t tested properly, it’s absolute to be rife with bugs that impact user experience and are vulnerable to crash. one crash is over enough to stop users from ever using it again. In fact, a variety of the foremost common negative reviews on app stores are related to apps crashing. App testing must be done thoroughly, with a documented process in place, to verify that your application is market-ready.

A Poorly Executed Mobile App Launch
To spice up your chances of success, there should be a longtime marketing conception to create sure that each step is made and executed properly in an exceedingly timely manner. If you’d like your app to possess a high download and user retention rate, it must make a good first impression within the first few days before launch. A mobile app launch isn’t a one-time event.