Technology moves forward at a quick pace, and this implies growth for the earth of apps, which successively generates changes within companies and industries.

Regardless of the character of their business, many companies include the implementation of applications in their strategic plan, within the understanding that the bulk of the access takes place from mobile devices. However, there are numerous companies not attentive to the categories of applications available and ignore their features, and are not capable of making decisions when it involves implementations.

In such a scenario, we could specify two forms of WebApps: Web Responsive Design Apps, and Optimized Web Apps. within the case of responsive apps, since we use specific frameworks this allows for the app to reply to different screen sizes supported by one code and thus the response is that the simplest for the user experience. Optimized apps are totally different from those we’ve on desktop, which is programmed so that it’s viewed as optimized in relevance to its usability.

In sum, there are several factors that need to be analyzed when choosing between Native Apps and Web Friendly Apps. they’re costs, upgrades, performance, user experience, maintenance, SEO, time to market, etc. In some cases, the foremost effective is to possess the two options.