Windows Phone might be the development platform that is the latest smartphone, but it has taken significant market share and poses a threat that is competitive that is enormous. It will not take Microsoft long to come to parity or even to exceed, the market share of the three players, while market share is still smaller.

A significant benefit of Windows cell phone is this interface’s familiarity. Together with Microsoft becoming the platform for both productivity applications and managing systems, a comfortable variable is which the others find it impossible to strategy. As with other growth programs, Windows cell phone enables programmers to make user and organization software to perform onto the Windows mobile phone.

It’s constructed using Microsoft tools, such as the XNA Framework, Silverlight, Visual Studio, and Expression Blend. Silverlight is suitable for program development while the XNA Framework is used for games. As a result will have no trouble getting started without needing to face a learning curve, producing programs for the Windows Telephone.

An advantage to the end user is the services on the device, which may be used to get access to services such as Xbox LIVE or Windows Azure. It will offer the chance to enjoy very applications, in addition, to support for information across multiple devices to end users. For developers, Microsoft Phone delivers an application market, in addition to a developer portal to make it more easy to market applications.