What Operating System best for you? Medical Mobile App Development – Both major program development giants, the war between iPhone and Android, is not going to stop. Both are among the mobile systems that are preferred and each is trying to conquer one another with respect to a number of programs and users There is but they suffer from certain drawbacks when it comes to apps that are developing.

Operating System – Both the mobile platforms are based on the UNIX, but the UI could be rather problematic at this time. However, marketing and Apple’s proven and promotional strategies have depicted the iPhone as the Smartphone device for the end users and both the program developers.

Before it had an excellent success Android faced lots of battle. While Apple has programmers when compared with the former today, Android is famous for its scalability and flexibility.

Device compatibility – concerning device compatibility, Apple provides more flexibility as the programmers have to manage only 1 platform. It makes it much easier for them to develop programs without facing any compatibility issue. Testing of the apps that are healthcare becomes more easy thanks to OS version that is less to take care of. On the other hand, Android delivers a wide assortment of devices, making it difficult to develop a program that runs on of the devices that are mobile. The issues are critical since they might work on a single device, but not on others, in regards to apps. If we think positive, Android isn’t limited.

Both iPhone and Android are platforms with a few advantages and disadvantages. While developing programs that are medical, developers should examine the issues that are related to fetch results. Do not overlook hardware difficulties! – Android wins the battle concerning hardware issues as there’s a wide assortment of devices supported by it. It’s possible to solve hardware issues or you can change to device makers.