Planning to have your own Mobile app? – The mobile app craze that does not seem it’s going drives the question. According to study ¬†“smart mobile users spend 89 percent of the time using mobile programs”. According to same report “worldwide mobile program revenues are expected to reach $77 Billion by 2017”. These numbers seem really promising, and it’s no surprise that customers & entrepreneurs want a part of it, to engage their clients or as a new business venture…

The speed of Access: Content onto a mobile optimized website can be accessed via a simple search, or a click on a URL, rather than an application where the user needs to first download and install the program, before accessing the information.

Search: Mobile sites are a lot easier to find via search engines, and Google provides higher ratings (and accordingly rank on the first page) to cellular optimised / friendly websites (not software).

Compatibility: When building a mobile program, at least two operating systems will be addressed; namely Android and Apple “iOS” – whereas a cellular optimized website will be compatible with any screen size or operating system. Moreover, mobile sites have a URL, making it readily incorporated into any kind of mobile advertising and marketing initiatives, i.e… SMS, QR Code, NFC… etc..

Mobile websites book-marked or can be shared as a wider reach than an application.

Shelf Life: According to numerous sources, nearly 50 percent of downloaded programs are deleted on the first day and approximately 35-40 percent of the rest of the programs are deleted within 30 days; unlike a cell site which can’t be removed from your cell phone. Please check your phone to a number of programs you use on this point on the routine basis for evidence.

Time Investment: The time (and consequently money) needed to develop an application is undoubtedly greater than a mobile site. In spite of the “template” based programs, it takes more time and money to develop, test for compatibility (and bugs), deploys into the corresponding program shop & above all advertising (pushing for downloads).